Sweet Tea @ Taipei 101, Taipei (Rating: 3/5)

Apart from eating the authentic Taiwanese food, why not indulge yourself with sweet pastries from celebrity chefs? At Sweet Tea, under the famous brand - Simple Table Alléno Yannick (S.T.A.Y.), you will enjoy a variety of wonderful sweet and savoury desserts. 

Located at the fourth floor of Taipei 101, three-star Michelin chef in Paris Chef Alléno Yannick opened two of its food concepts - S.T.A.Y. and traditional French tea salon Sweet Tea in 2011. Sweet Tea offers a variety of wonderful sweet and savory desserts, leaving tasting desserts more delectable. Its philosophy to use the best ingredients to make fresh desserts daily allows customers to enjoy the most exquisite desserts. Chef Loic Colliau is stationed in Taiwan as the designated dessert chef for S.T.A.Y. and Sweet Tea.

We were out shopping at Taipei 101 and needed a place to rest our tired feet. We saw Sweet Tea on the fourth floor and decided to give a try. Before us was a group of youngsters. One of the ladies told her friends that the desserts were delicious and recommended them to try it. Personally, I wonder how great the desserts were. They tasted very normal. I read reviews from other sites commending on the desserts. Could it be that I ordered the wrong dessert cakes or their cakes were just ordinary? I wonder. Perhaps I may have to give a try the next time I come to Taipei again.

However, the minimum spending at the restaurant is TWD380 per person, which is around SGD15.00. Each dessert cake is at least TWD200.

Amandine rum and grape (萊姆葡萄杯子蛋糕) was one of the muffins. It was tasted normal too.

Madeleine (瑪得蓮) tasted normal.

I could not remember the rest of the cakes. But they also tasted normal.

Tiramisu (提拉米蘇) was delicious. There seems to be tartlet at the bottom. The mascarpone cheese was smooth and sweet. The bitter cocoa powder had a bittersweet taste. (Food rating: 2.5/5)

Crepes (法式可麗瓶) with sugar, seasonal jam and Nutella (糖,季節果醬,榛果巧克力醬風) was extremely disappointing. The crepes were cold and limp. There were three pieces of crepe. Each piece has different spreads like sugar, seasonal jam and Nutella. The crepe with sugar tasted sweet. The seasonal jam was too sour to taste. The last crepe had a generous serving of Nutella spread. In summary, this dessert was a disappointment. Perhaps the cafe could improve its presentation to make it more delectable. I did not expect this from Sweet Tea, particularly when it has a strong brand name. (Food rating: 2/5)

Address: Taipei 101, No. 45, Shìfǔ Rd, Xinyi District Taipei City, Taiwan 110 (110 台北市市府路45號101 購物中心4 樓)
Price: $
Rating: 3/5