Kibundo Sohonten (紀文堂 总本店) , Tokyo, Japan (Rating: 2.5/5)

At the corner of Kaminarimon (雷門) or "Thunder Gate", you will find a century-old confectionery shop - Kibundo Sohonten (紀文堂 总本店) establised in 1890. Locals and tourists alike, you will find a long line to buy cakes made from century-old methods and recipes.

We joined the queue and bought a pack of red bean pancakes. We opened the packaging and tried it immediately. The pancake has a cake-like texture and the red bean paste was mushy and nectarous. Though it was very popular, it tasted very ordinary. It was either our taste buds were faulty or the pancakes were more suited to the locals' taste.

Next to the confectionery shop, you can also visit the famous Buddhist temple for the Senso-ji. Asakusa is a beautiful place. Though the temples were centuries old, they were very well maintained and preserved. Do try to get your 'fortune' read. There were a few booths within the temple. We shook a canister of numbered sticks until a stick fell through the small hole. Then, we searched for the the fortune paper based on the number on the stick. After we have taken the paper, we gave JPY100 into the donation box. For those who had bad fortune, they could tie the paper onto the metal wire booth.

The Thunder Gate was first built in 942 and has been destroyed numerous times and the current incarnation dates to only 1950. 



Address: 1 Chome-2-2 Asakusa, Taito, Tokyo 111-0032
Price: $
Rating: 2.5/5