Komalas Vegetarian Restaurant, Singapore

Address: 30, Raffles Place B1-06, Chevron House, Singapore 048622
Price: $
Rating: 2.5/5

I have been patronising Komalas Vegetarian Restaurant (HQ) since I was in primary school. The main shop was located at Little India. Introduced by my parents, I grow to appreciate the delicious Indian cuisine. Thosai-ss or Dosai-s are South Indian cuisine and they have become one of my favourite foods. Thosai, also known as crispy savoury pancakes, can be either on its own or with different toppings. I prefer eating it with potato masala filling. You will be given three different sides - Coconut Chutney, Gunpowder Chutney and Sambar.

Komalas has a long history. It started in 1947 and is still going strong. At Komalas, you order the choice of food and then pick up your food at another counter in the restaurant. It is similar to a fast food restaurant but the thosai-s are freshly prepared.

I had my lunch at Komalas after meeting a friend. The food was quickly served and the thosai was prepared beautifully. I cut a piece of pancake and wrapped it over a small serving of masala potato, and finally dipped the food into the bowl of sambar, a lentil-based dish. It was delicious. I usually eat it with sambar, followed by the gunpower chutney. I rarely touched the coconut chutney. 

It was a  pity that I did not order a cup of teh halia (ginger milk tea) to go with it.

The thosai cost me less than $5.00.

The masala potato filling is wrapped with the savoury pancake made from rice four and lentils.