Hide Yamamoto @ Marina Bay Sands, Singapore (Food rating: 4.5/5)

After a wonderful dining experience at Hide Yamamoto the last time, I was back again with my family. This time, we ordered a  variety of food that would give us a blast of our lives. I loved their robata a lot. I would salivate and yearn to return to the restaurant again each time I read my post and reminisce the amazingly delicious food fare.

Opened by the renowned chef himself, Chef Yamamoto is the man behind his namesake - Hide Yamamoto. He had served three generations of US Presidents: Reagan, Bush and Clinton. He has a chain of restaurants under his belt. The fine-dining restaurant - Hide Yamamoto offers five concepts, Sushi, Teppanyaki, Robata, Ramen & Dining and Sake Bar.

Besides the usual food items like the Seasonal Vegetables with Italian Truffle Aroma; Whole Young Chicken stuffed with Truffle Rice, Butter and Soy Flavour, we ordered new dishes we had not tried before.

I was surprised that Hide Yamamoto maintained its high food quality despite the fact that I was here six months ago. Each dish was gastronomical and mind-blowing. I felt as if I was eating it for the first time though I have ordered it umpteen times.

At Hide Yamamoto, it was definitely a place and experience worth going for. You may also read the other posts of Hide Yamamoto.

This time, the total gastronomical dining experience cost us about $580.00.

We ordered the Assorted CHINMI appetizer for the first time. The appetizer came in three different types of dishes. The first one was a cold tofu dish topped with bonito. It was light and refreshing. The tofu had a  soft texture which I like a lot. The far end was the seaweed. It was an interesting cold dish. The seaweed seemed to be soaked in lime juice or vinegar that had a sourtaste but yet refreshing. The last cold dish was a snail dish. The snails were fresh and there was not weird aftertaste. On the overall, the cold appetizer was interesting, refreshing and nice. (Food rating: 2.5/5)

Cha-Shu Don was  served with white japanese rice topped with soy braised pork belly. We ordered an additional egg to the rice dish. This cha-shu don could be your main if you are dining alone. It was a huge portion and very sumptuous. First of all, the braised pork belly was very tender and moist that it melted into your mouth. The sauce tasted heavenly with the white rice. I could say, it is yummy!! As for the braised egg, it was another surprise. I wonder how they could cook the egg like this. The egg white is all cooked and the yolk was about two-thirds cooked. The yolk was partially running and it was delicious! I wished Chef Yamamoto could share his culinary skills with me. (Food rating: 3.5/5)

Garlic rice was a fairly big bowl of rice. The fried rice was very fragrant with nice garlic aroma. I would see each rice grain and the egg was beautiful too. I have a thing about eating rice and I can say that Hide Yamamoto has met my expectation. As I chewed my rice, I enjoyed the every rice grain in my mouth and the delicious garlic taste. Whenever I eat food with garlic, I am always conscious about my breath. However, I do not need to worry about it as it was aromatic but not overpowering that will give me bad breath. If you intend to order more dishes, you may want to consider sharing the rice. (Food rating: 4/5)

One of the must-try is the King Crab Leg served with Japanese Broth Soup. The crab meat was crispy and juicy. At one bite, you know that it was freshly prepared. The crab leg was huge and the meat was easily removed from the shell. The broth was sweet and rich. Although I was not sure if I should dip the crab meat into the broth, I drank it separately and it was heavenly. (Food rating: 4/5)

We ordered KUROBUTA (黒豚) Pork Belly and Marinated Vegetables with homemade PONZU (ポン酢) - a robata dish which we have never tried before. I loved the way it was cooked with the lightly charred corners of the pork belly. The meat itself was tender and juicy. More importantly, it disintegrated once it was in your mouth. I feel that it would be best to eat it with rice. The portion is huge, so do share with someone. (Food rating: 3.5/5)

What compliments best with good food from Hide Yamamoto? Honbou Kokutou Umeshou (Brown sugar) (本方 黑糖梅酒) is the one to complement your food. The Kokuto Umeshou is a sweet Japanese dessert wine. It infuses the Japanese plum with black sugar. This plum wine has a rich and sweet taste. You can either drink it on the rock or use it as a cocktail base or top it on vanilla ice cream. I love this wine. Its taste was sweet and heavenly. (Food rating: 4/5)

Address: Marina Bay Sands, The Shoppes, 8 Bayfront Avenue, #02-05, Singapore 018956
Price: $$$
Rating: 4.5/5
Stuffness Level (How full you are): 5/5