PastaMania, Singapore

Address: 9 Bishan Place #01-37 Junction 8 Shopping Centre S579837
Price: $
Rating: 2.5/5


Where can you have good and yet, affordable pasta in Singapore? What comes to my mind is Pastamania. Pastamania has been one of my favourite pasta place since it was first set up in 1998. This food chain was started by an Englishman whose goal was to make Italian food more affordable.  To date, Pastamania has mushroomed from 2 outlets to 32 outlets islandwide.

When Pastamania was first set up, we were always warmly welcomed by attentive service staff who were keen to assist customers in one way or another. I loved the place where my friends and I could chill out and have great Italian food. The warm and friendly ambience at Pastamania made us, especially me, feel comfortable. 

As the organisation grew, the service standards dipped. The service staff became cold. However, the food still maintained its original standards. For many years, I enjoy the Spicy Chicken Pasta for entree and Banana Dessert Pizza for dessert. They are the two must-have items whenever I dine at Pastamania.

Recently, I dined at Junction 8 and saw how a simple gesture by a staff could make a customer feel great. It was dinner time then and the queue were very long. One of the Pastamania staff asked one of the customers who was in the queue if she had a table. As she was dining alone, she said no. He immediately told her that he would reserve a table for her. This simple gesture was very nice and thoughtful of him. He made her (the customer) feel warm that someone cared to ask. She might be worried about getting a table as she came alone. Though I was not sure if they have improved their service level, that simple gesture had already warmed my heart. 

My entire experience cost me $20.00. This include the entree, appetiser, dessert and drinks.   

Turkey Bacon Aglio was prepared with Fusili pasta. The nice al dente pasta was prepared with garlic and red chillis and the dish was finally topped with turkey bacon bits. Instead of my usual penne pasta, the fusili was a perfect choice for Turkey Bacon Aglio. The red chilli bits added spiciness. For those who love spicy food, you may want to consider this. Apart from the perfectly cooked pasta and hot chilli, the turkey bacon bit were a little disappointing. The bacon bits tasted tough as if they were smoked. I was expecting either crispy bacon or nicely grilled bacon. The overall experience was just normal, not taking into account of the bacon bits. I would rather order the plain aglio olio than this dish. (Food Rating: 2.5/5)

Banana Dessert Pizza is my all-time favourite. I will order this dessert without fail whenever I dine at Pastamania. The dessert pizza comprises of the pizza dough, sweet banana, sugar and cocoa powder. Apart from Fried Banana Fritters, the banana dessert pizza is the second banana food I like. When you take a bite, you can taste the sweetness of the banana and a tint of bitterness from the cocoa powder. I am starting to salivate while typing my experience on this page. (Food Rating: 3/5)

Calamari was prepared with cajun spiced squid rings and served with coriander chilli sauce. I love the cajun spices. The seasoning was tasteful and the spiciness somehow perked me up. You could even eat it on its own without dipping into the chilli sauce. When you are at Pastamania, why not order the calamari and share your thoughts with me. (Food Rating: 3/5)