Hong Dou Shi Fu (紅豆食府), Taipei, Taiwan

Address: 台北市忠孝東路四段45號11樓(SOGO百貨本館) SOGO忠孝店
Price: $ 
Rating: 2.5/5

Founded in Taipei since 1999, Red Bean restaurant believes in serving high quality of ingredients and insists in using carefully selected ingredients in United States and Shanghai, China.  

The Dong Po Pork Belly (東坡肉) is supposedly one of popular Chinese dish. Imagine a fatty pork belly soaked in rich aromatic dark sauce and put to steam, it must be very delicious. I am always very conscious of fatty meats and will avoid taking them. However, the dish broke my resolution and tried the meat. Indeed, the meat was tender. When you are eating the tenderising meat, try eating it with rice.  I can say that it is tenderising and addictive.  When you are there, don't forget to order one. (Food Rating: 3/5)

Rice Cakes with White Cabbage and Sliced Meat (白菜肉絲炒糕) is an interesting dish. The carbo is the rice cakes. The rice cakes were those sold in supermarkets. I expected better, for example the Korean rice cakes. I thought the dish was slightly salty. (Food Rating: 2.5/5)

Tofu with Crab Roe (蟹黃豆腐) is enjoyable. The silken tofu in rich gravy topped with crab roe was delicious. You can even eat the gravy with white ric. Again, I find the dish a little salty. All in all, it's enjoyable. (Food Rating: 2.5/5)

Soup Dumplings (小籠包) is always one of my dim sum selection. In order to eat a good soup dumpling, the stock in the dumpling is extremely important. On top of that, the skin is equally important. I find the soup dumpling from red bean restaurant being normal. Normal means that it was nothing to go gaga for. To me, the skin was a little thick and coarse. Otherwise, the dumplings are as good as any regular ones. (Food Rating: 2.5/5)

Braised Lion Head Dumpling with White Cabbage (白菜獅子頭) is huge!! After a few mouthfuls. I was overwhelmed by the huge serving of meat. The gravy was too rich for me. After having the lion head, I went a non-meat diet for the next couple of days. (Food Rating: 2.5/5)