7-Eleven, Taipei

Address: 7-Eleven stores
Pricing: $
Rating: 3.5/5

When you visit the 7-Eleven in Taipei, you realised that it was a totally different environment. Compared with the 7-Eleven in Singapore and the United States, this chain outlet in Taipei was my paradise. There are so many packed food that are equally good as the ones you eat at restaurants. The quality of food and beverages are highly rated. The outlets are found within a 100m range. You will not miss it. Whenever I am in Taipei, the first thing I do is to visit the nearest outlet to buy food and beverages. I would buy my favourite foods and beverages. How I wish the wide variety of food and beverages can also be seen back home. 7-Eleven, you may want to use Taiwan's management as reference.

This time, I tried a variety of food and the total cost is less than TWD400. It is cheap and good food. Good for those who have tight budget. 

Fried Chicken Hand Roll (鸡唐扬脆皮手卷) (in white packaging) looked simple but it was delicious! The hand roll blew me away. Before eating, I had to peel off the plastic wrapping that protected the seaweed from being soggy. The crispy seaweed and the delicious fragrant rice roll was heavenly. I fell in love with the hand roll immediately. Priced at TWD25. (Food Rating: 3/5)

Salted Grilled Por Onigiri (盐烤猪肉夹心饭团) is my favourite. Every time I am in Taipei, I will head to the 7-Eleven and buy the onigiri. The crispy seaweed with fragrant rice and pork slices were perfect! How I wish that the 7-Eleven here can sell this too.

Assorted Dips - fish ball, chicken ball, beancurd, mushroom, and lobster ball (黄金鱼蛋,照烧鸡肉丸, 中华油豆腐, 石安玉子,埔里鲜香菇, 龙虾鱼丸卷) were delicious. I loved the fish balls the best. Dipped in plain stock, we poured the spicy gravy into the paper container. This was the first time I tried in Taipei despite of the fact that I have been here umpteen times. (Food Rating: 2.5/5)

Tomato Omelette Rice (意式完熟番茄蛋包饭) is a must to buy. There were many food items to choose but I chose this. This bento box was beckoning me to try it. Truthfully, I think I chose it very well. The generous serving of tomato rice with tomato gravy topped with an omelette. Price: TWD60.(Food Rating: 3.5/5)

Normally, one will expect the packed food - Braised Minced Meat over rice (卤肉饭) to be more inferior than the ones sold at the stalls. The Braised Minced Meat over rice (卤肉饭) was not the case. Instead, it tasted equally delicious as the ones sold at stalls in Taipei. I was appalled by the fact of the consistency in quality even though it was packed food. Price: TWD45. (Food Rating: 3/5)

These are my favourites from 7-Eleven. The milk tea (far left) was thick and tasted as if it was teh-tarik. Mr Milker was good too. The Latte was good too. (Food Rating: 2.5/5)