Wild Honey, Singapore

Address: 6 Scotts Road, Scotts Square, 3rd Floor, Singapore 228209
Price: $
Rating: 2.5/5
URL: www.wildhoney.com.sg

All-day Breakfast dining seems to be popular lately. Apart from Wild Honey, there are quite a number of restaurants offering all-day breakfast and brunch menus.

Wild Honey has two branches, Mandarin Gallery and Scotts Square. I always wanted to try but like every other popular restaurants, it was crowded most of the time. I wonder if it was beckoning me when I decided to go Wild Honey that day. Luckily, there was hardly any people dining at the restaurant around 4-ish in the afternoon.

Together with a friend, we ordered two mains and two sides. What I like about the place is the ambiance as it was cosy. Although it is located on the third floor, you feel as if you were on the street level and could see people walking past. However, this restaurant will not be my first choice if I were to go for another all-day breakfast dining. The food are ordinary and I expect better because of the crowd.

How about you? Do you like the food at Wild Honey? Any food recommendations I should try so that can change my current perceptions?

I ordered myself a European. It served with Wild Honey's version of eggs benedict with two perfectly poached eggs, sauteed mushrooms, imported Italian prosciutto and homemade Hollandaise sauce on signature brioche. When I took the first bite on the eggs, I was disappointed. The eggs were cold. Most of the eggs benedict I ate were hot or warm, but definitely not cold. I feel that Scruffy Murphy Irish Pub-Cafe still serves the best eggs benedict. (Food Rating: 2.5/5)

We ordered a serving of Sauteed Mushrooms as one of our side dishes. It was nice. I liked the way their sauteed the mushrooms. However, it was not something I would scream about. (Food Rating: 2.5/5)

Asparagus were stripped from their skin were served. I could not taste if there were any seasoning. Unfortunately, it was not something I like. (Food Rating: 2/5)

I Love New York was served with softly scrambled eggs, mixed with caramelised onions and imported sturgeon with lightly toasted sesame bagel and cream cheese. I like the scrambled eggs it was nice and savoury. The bagel was aromatic with the sesame seeds. (Food Rating: 2.5/5)