Zheng Ji Pork Knuckle (鄭記豬腳飯), Taipei (Food rating: 4/5)

I found out about Zheng's Pork Knuckle (鄭記豬腳飯), whilst gathering information on the net. I was glad that I tried the food as it was one of the best Taiwanese food I had ever enjoyed immensely. 

The restaurant is located in the vicinity of Ximending (西門町) with Ximen station nearby. From Ximen Station, we got lost many times before we found the the place. It was not difficult to find as we got familiar with the road directions. 

At Zheng's, you will notice a huge signage of the menu with prices above the shop. The shop had very simple interior and seats along the corridor outside. We ordered a couple of dishes. What I liked about the restaurant was that the owner was very honest. Instead of ordering three rice meals, he suggested that we order one of the three as sides. Luckily, we heeded his advice.  It was a hearty meal and the food was fantastic!

Milkfish (虱目鱼)
Milk fish has 50% fat in belly with nice sweet flavour. It was my first time eating the milkfish and I was skeptical. I was amazed how soft the fish meat was and the nice sweet flavour was delightful. It was served with rice. However, the shop owner suggested ordering the fish as side dish. It was an excellent choice. :)

Braised Pork Knuckle over rice
I enjoyed this dish even though I was not a fan of pork knuckle. The meat must have boiled for long hours that it was very soft. The vegetable - cucumber was equally good. The braised egg too!  I would love to go back and have another serving of pork knuckle over rice.

Braised Pork Belly over rice
Another excellent dish - braised pork belly over rice. Each dish served with a balanced diet - meat, rice, vegetables and protein. You could also get free broth soup. The soup was full of essence that you cannot stop drinking it. The pork again must have boiled for long hours that the meat was so soft. It disintegrated in your mouth. Yummy!!! 

Address: No. 22, Yánpíng South Rd, Zhongzheng District Taipei City, Taiwan 100
Price: $
Rating: 4/5
Stuffness Level (How full you are): 4.5/5


  1. yes, we get to eat at this stall over and over again when we arrived in Taipei.. over dinner of course!

    1. You are absolutely right. Zheng Pork Knuckle is one of my favourite pit stops whenever I am in Taipei.


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