PAUL, Maison de Qualite, Singapore

Address: 391A Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City, #03-16/16A/17
Price: $$
Rating: 3/5

PAUL had been in Singapore for quite some time already, however, I was always unable to try it. The queue was always never ending during the weekends and weekday nights. In the end, I just gave up trying. I was reminded that I had seen this bistro place whilst travelling at Paris. I might have missed this. I wished I could try the bistro place in Paris to see if they tasted the same in Singapore.

We dined at PAUL on a weekday tea time. Instead of ordering tea, we ordered lunch. We ordered a roast chicken thigh, waffle with chocolate syrup and whipped cream, croissant, choc croissant and a steak. Too much food? Well, since we got a seat at PAUL's, why not try as much as we could.

The croissants arrived first. The choc croissant was the same as any other choc croissants we had anywhere. As for the plain croissant, I liked it very much. A light buttery taste with a little marmalade and butter was delightful. If I was not sharing with someone else, I would have eaten the entire croissant myself.

Then the roasted chicken thigh was served. The thigh was well cooked and the meat was tender. The carrots and baked potatoes were delicious too. Though the thigh was tender, it was a little salty. On the overall, it was great.

The steak was far more superior than the chicken thigh. I enjoyed having the steak more than the chicken. The medium steak was tender and the seasoning was well prepared. I am drooling even now as I wrote my blog.

The waffle was great and normal. There was nothing special about the waffle that differentiates from other similar food.

PAUL was indeed a good place for tea and lunch times. I would love to try more of its delicious bakery. I think Hokkaido Pullman Bakery would be its strong competitor too.