Legal Sea Foods, Boston, United States

Today, we wanted to try seafood especially the lobster. Recently, there was an article indicating that the price of lobster in Boston has dropped. Therefore, it would be worthwhile trying lobsters. We went to Copley Square and decided to try Legal Sea Foods. A 52-year-old seafood restaurant chain was one of the popular brands in Boston or even the United States.

We ordered a crab cake and a spicy fish and chips with mashed potato and olive brown rice. Prior to the entree, the waitress served us with two baked buns with butter. The bun was piping hot and the crust was crispy with the insides soft and moist. Spread with butter, the bun became a simple yet delightful appetizer. Thinking about it now made me drool.

The crab cake (photo above) was extremely fresh and the meat with in chunks. The taste was so delicious that it was unforgettable and you would want more. The salad was light and delightful that complemented with the crab cake. I wished I had ordered two so that we did not need to share.(Food rating: 5/5)

The crab cake was not the only one that tasted divine. The Spicy Fish and Chips was an ambrosial entree that you must definitely try this. The fish was spicy, and also fresh that added that extra oomph. The sinful buttery mashed potato was so soft that it melted in my mouth. The tartar sauce dip with diced pickled cucumber was so food that we could even eat it on its own. 
On the overall, the dining experience was great!! I loved the food and would come back for more.
The buns were freshly baked and warmed. I loved it so much that I wished I could have more. 

Address: Copley Square, 100 Huntington Avenue  Boston, MA 02116, United States
Price: USD: $
Rating: 3.5/5