Chipotle Mexican Grill, Boston, United States

A friend of mine introduced me to Chipotle Mexican Grill that is somewhat a fast food chain outlet. It has many outlets in the United States. I came to love the brand so much that I missed this since I returned home.

The ordering process was a simple XX-step procedure.

Firstly you had to inform the server whether you would like to have a burrito, burrito bowl, crispy taco or soft taco.

Secondly, you would choose between brown rice or cilantro-lime white rice.

Next, you would choose vegetarian black beans or pinto (baked beans).

Fourthly, you choose the type of meat (braised carnitas or barbacoa, adobo-marinated and grilled chicken or steak).

Lastly, you could have guacamole, salsa, sweet corn, lettuce, sour cream. The food joint was mainly self-served. Diners had to clear their tables after they ate.

I ordered myself a burrito bowl with brown rice, steak, vegetarian black beans, salsa, sweet corn and lots of lettuce. I was quite cautious when I felt ate the food. I was not sure if it would taste good. When I had the first bite, I fell in love with the food immediately. The portion was enough for one and a half person. If you could not finish the food, you could save it for dinner.

Sadly, this food is not available back home. Otherwise, I would be eating it more regularly.

Address: 270-276 Elm Street, Somerville, MA 02144
Price: USD: $
Rating: 4/5