West Cornwall Pastry Co, Cambridge, United Kingdom

Address: University of London, 15 Market Hill, CB2 3NP, United Kingdom
Price: $
Rating: 2.5/5

West Cornwall Pastry is a fast food chain in United Kingdom that specializes in pastries. It was first invented as a meal for miners. Now, it I some of the popular food chains in the country. They have a wide selection of pastries that you will be in for a surprise. 

There was an outlet at Cambridge. My friend and I noticed the outlet for the last couple of days. The outlet was always beaming with customers. Just like George the curious monkey, we decided to patronize the stall and bought two Cornwall pastries - Traditional Cornish Pastry.

Our first impression was that it was a large version of our local Curry O'. The pastry crust was flaky and the filling was generous. Indeed, this pastry could be a meal on its own. The Traditional Cornish Pastry comprises of fresh traditional prime skirt beef layered with potatoes, swede, onions, and seasoned with a secret blend of salt and pepper. To us, it tasted very normal, nothing special or unique to have our eyes wide open in amazement.

If you are tired of eating bread or baguette every day or you have cravings for snacks, why not go for the cornwall pastries for a change. Each pastry cost around GBP8.