Hakka Shangxin Liangfen (客家傷心涼粉), Chengdu, China

My friend and I visited to Chengdu to watch a concert by Fish Leong. We arrived earlier and decided to explore Chengdu and its local cuisine. I asked several friends for food recommendations and was told to try this stall called Hakka Shangxin Liangfen (客家傷心涼粉). Liang fen is usually known as cool bean starch noodles. Shangxin Liangfen (傷心涼粉) means 'sad noodles' and is Sichuan's local specialties. It was rumoured that this dish was made by a person who missed home.

The Yellow Cold Noodles (黄凉粉) was one of the spicy noodle dish in the shop. This cold noodles looked more like Chinese cakes cut in rectangular shapes. The garnishes used were red chills, and spring onions. It looked innocent but extremely spicy. (Food rating: 3/5)

Sticky rice pancake (锅魁), at first impression, tasted very much like our local dessert, Kueh Lopes. The circular sticky rice pancake was cut into 4 pieces and then the black sugar syrup was poured over it. Finally, it was drizzled with black sesame seeds. The cake was very similar to Kueh Lopes. The Kueh Lopes used palm sugar syrup and glutinous rice. (Food rating: 3/5)

The Hakka 'Sad' rice noodles (客家伤心凉粉) (see photo above) was a very spicy noodle dish. This white noodles were chewy and springy. If your stomach could take the spiciness, do try this spicy dish. The experience was intense. I had a running nose while eating the spicy noodles. (Food rating: 3/5)

Address: South Shuwa Street #34 (暑袜南街34号) Shuwa street is between Tianfu Square and Chunxi Road.
Price: $
Rating: 3/5