[Closed] Pinkberry, New York, United States

Summer is here! Nothing beats anything else than having an ice cream or popsicle. However, in Flushing, there is an increasing popularity for frozen yogurt where two new joints along Roosevelt Ave were opened earlier this year.

For my first blog post, I like to share my food quest at Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt. I observed that there are always customers at the outlet. This is apparently so because the outlet is about less than a five-minute walk from Flushing Main Street Subway.

At Pinkberry, there are three yogurt flavors like plain, green tea and coffee and a wide variety of topping from nuts, chocolates to fruits. I took a longer time to decide the toppings for my frozen yogurt.

"We ordered a small plain yogurt topped with cocoa chips and roasted almonds"

Price: The price for for the plain yogurt is around US$4 with each topping at US$0.95. I ordered a smallest cup with two toppings as shown in the picture below. It costs me about US$6.

Quality: The yogurt is okay. As for the toppings, I go for the chocolate chip and roasted almond slices. I don't recommend the mango as it taste of unripe mango with mango puree.

"You may have to cramp a little as there is little room to eat-in."

"Seats that Austin Powers will love"

Store layout: The store is cramped with little standing space despite having two bar tables. Otherwise, it is a simple yet trendy frozen yogurt joint.

Where: 136-9 Roosevelt Avenue, Queens, NY 11354, USA [Closed]
Website: http://www.pinkberry.com
Overall rating: 3.5/5