Corner 28, New York, United States [Updated]

Our friend back home came to NYC for business and paid us a short visit over the weekend. As an excellent host, we brought him to one of our favorite Chinese restaurant for dinner. Being hospitable, we ordered so much food that the round table which was supposedly for six persons were full of food. We share the food we ordered for the welcome party. 
Rice is the staple food for most people in Southeast Asia. It is no different for me. We decided to try out a Fried Rice at Corner 28. We chose Fried Rice with Dried Scallops and Egg White.
Price: Value for Money. Priced at $12, you can share with at least three persons as one decent meal.

Quality: I love the way the chef cooked the fried rice. I could vividly see each grain of the pearly white rice. The pine nuts were roasted. The egg whites were well fried from a master because the eggs had even tear-like shapes. The use of fresh ingredients like scallops and oil made the rice even more delicious. We enjoyed the dish very much. Fried rice, I’ll be back!!!

Store layout: The restaurant at the second level has a more Zen look. We savoured every grain of rice while enjoyed the wonderful view of Main Street, Flushing.

"Look at the mountainous heap of fried rice!! If you are adventurous enough, you can try it with green chilli. Delicious! You can clearly see the pine nuts, rice grains and dried scallops."

Grilled Lamb in Herbs & Spices

Overall rating: 3.5/5

After trying various Asian food for the last couple of days, we wanted to try something different. We ordered Grilled Lamb in Herbs & Spices cooked in western style with oriental sauce.

Price: Your money’s worth.

Quality: The lamb chops were nicely grilled. The meat was succulent and did not have foul lamb smell. The sweet sauce was nice and blended with the lamb chops perfectly. We enjoyed the dish very much and will come back for more.

"Waa... look at the succulent lamb chop. It will melt into your mouth..."


Peking Duck

Overall rating: 3.5/5

As I walked down along Main Street, I found a Cantonese restaurant - Corner 28 - selling Peking Duck. The restaurant is situated between 40th Street and Main Street. You can definitely spot the place almost immediately. Corner 28 sells Peking Duck at 75cents per piece. Wrapped between a lotus-shaped wheat bun and stuffed with finely chopped onions and cucumber and hoisin sauce, it brought out the nice flavor of Peking Duck. I ordered eight pieces at $6.

Peking Duck is a national symbol of China favored by officials and tourists. It is also part of the imperial menu and upper class since the Yuan Dynasty.

Price: Affordable. Every piece of Peking Duck is priced at 75cents. I was stuffed after eating four pieces.

Quality: Excellent quality. The crunchiness of the cucumber and spring onions made Peking Duck delicious and mouth-watering. I was not sick of the food after the fourth piece. Yummy!!

Store layout: Peking Duck can be bought at the little window outside the restaurant along Main Street. You can buy the delicacy without queuing at the narrow aisle in the restaurant.

Rice Noodle Roll

Overall rating: 2.5/5

I first found my favourite rice noodle roll at Corner 28. It is available at the little takeaway window outside the restaurant. I ordered the pork rice noodle roll for a start. They have many different fillings – roast pork, prawn, pork and even shrimp. You can add an egg at $0.50.

Price: Affordable. The price for each filling varies. I ordered the pork filling rice noodle roll. It is sufficient for one person as a decent meal.

Quality: The rice noodle roll was made upon ordering. The staff poured the flour mixture onto a metal tray. Together with the pork, the staff brought the metal tray to steam. After a few minutes, the rice noodle roll is ready. Using a metal cutting blade, she scrapped the rice noodle roll into the container. Viola! I had my rice noodle roll.

Three Choices of roasted meat (三品)

Overall rating: 4/5

Three choices of meat such as soy sauce chicken, barbecue ribs and roast pork originate from the region around Canton in Southern China’s Guangdong province. Similarly, it is also the origin of Hong Kong and Macau cuisine.

Price: Value for money. It is worth spending that amount to eat such good food.

Quality: Excellent quality. We love the soft and juicy soy sauce chicken. The barbecue ribs charred at the corner made the ribs even more delicious. You can actually savor the taste of the marinating. Not forgeting the roast pork, the pork skin was so crispy that you may mistake it for crackers. The meat too was juicy and delicious. I endorse the three choices of meat. Must try!! I will not hesitate to come back to savor them again.

Store layout: The restaurant at the second level has a more zen look.

Omelet with preserved turnips

Overall rating: 3.5/5

The picture in the menu makes the omelet looked so simple and unappealing. We took the plunge and ordered the omelet. When the dish came, we all nodded simultaneously and said, “it is delicious!!!”

Price: A little expensive for an egg, anchovies and preserved turnips.

Quality: Excellent quality. The preserved turnips gave the crunchy and salty flavor. Together with the egg and anchovies, the preserved turnips brought out the tastes of anchovies and egg. A simple dish yet we enjoyed the egg at every bite. Excellent!

Address: 135-24 40th Road, Flushing, NY 11354, United States
Price: USD $
Overall rating: 3.5/5