Food Quest-cum-Flushing Freedom Mile, Flushing, Queens, New York, United States

There are so many food places to try in Flushing. However, I thought that it will be more fun if we combine both food quest and the Flushing Freedom Mile.

For starters, we will take the Orange Trail.1. St George’s Church

2. Daniel Carter Beard Square

3. Former RKO Keith’s Theatre

4. Flushing Town Hall

5. Lewis Latimer House
6. Flushing High School

7. State Armory
8. Friends Meeting Place

Green Trail

1. Site of Flushing Female Association School
2. Macedonia AME Church

3. Fox Stone

4. Bowne House

5. Margaret Carman Green

6. Site of Weeping Beech Tree
  • Drop by Han Ah Reum Mart along Northern Blvd and enjoy a good Korean food there
7. Kingsland Manor

8. Site of Aspinwall House

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