Ajisen Ramen, New York, United States

Ajisen Ramen is a Japan-based chain of fast-food restaurants selling Japanese ramen noodle soup dishes. Ajisen Ramen has more than 120 stores located worldwide like United States, Southeast Asia countries such as Singapore, Australia and Canada.

"Ajisen is a japanese noodle fast-food chain restaurant. But my experience was merely average."

The spicy meat noodle (see photo above) tasted average.

"my miso ramen - noodle texture so-so."

Price: Affordable at less than $10 each. We ordered the Miso Ramen and Spicy Meat Ramen.

Quality: I was a little disappointed with the ramen. The noodles seem to be slightly overdone. I prefer the al dente ramen cooked at one of its chain outlets back home. The broth was nice. 

Store layout: The restaurant located at Queens Crossing share the space with other restaurants like Sbarro, and Café Jojo. It has a see-through glass that customers can see how the chefs prepare the ramen. I think since it is a franchise; the staff are still very raw and need time to get into momentum. The overall experience was so-so. One suggestion: instead of shouting the number on the receipt, the restaurant can install a counter to inform customers to collect their food.

Where: Ajisen Ramen, 38-10 Main Street, Queens Crossing
Overall rating: 2.5/5