[Closed] TMSK (Tou Ming Si Kao), New York, United States

My friend and I found a bar lounge at the newly opened Queens Crossing Mall, Flushing Queens. Ms Yang Hui Shan, owner and former Taiwanese Golden Horse Award Winner, has a vision to create an ultra hip bar lounge made entirely out of colored glass. TMSK is also found at Shanghai. China.

There were excellent reviews from various websites:

Sadly it was closed when I returned to Flushing in 2012.

Price: Affordable. We ordered a Volka Orange and Dry Martini at $18.

Quality: The drinks tasted great. The glassware was so beautiful. 

 "Hers - Volka Orange"
"His - Dry Martini with a twist of lemon."

"This is at the bar counter. They look very beautiful. It creates that ambience... "

Store layout: The lounge has a very chic theme. It has an oriental feel to it as well. We love the place and will go again to chill out.

Address: 136-17 39th Avenue, Queens, NY 11354, USA
Tel: 347-323-6308
Website: http://www.tmsk.com/
Overall rating: 3.5/5