[Closed] Lucky Joy Restaurant, New York, United States

Along Main Street, you will find a good Chinese Restaurant with outdated interior. When you are in the restaurant, you will think that you are in the "Back to the Future" movie, where Martin McFly went to the past. For me, I really thought that I went back in time when I dined there.

"The diced beef with peanuts and hot peppers makes a good combination. You can just have it with steamed rice or eat it on its own."

Price: Reasonably priced. Must share with at least two persons.

Quality: The diced beef was cooked just nice. The beef was tender and the amount of sauce was just right. Together with the roasted peanuts and dried hot peppers, the whole dish was even more mouth-watering. You need to eat with rice to savor the taste. Must try.

We decided to go tofu today as I have a strong craving for mabo tofu (tofu with minced meat in Szechuan sauce).

"A huge plate of mabo tofu that is good for at least three persons."
"Soft tofu with minced meat - delicious!"

Overall rating: 3.5 /5

Price: Affordable. I suggest you share with at least three persons because the portion is huge.

Quality: I love this dish because it is spicy and most importantly, it has tofu. The tofu was fresh and nicely cut into small even cubes. The sauce tasted superbly well with steamed rice. You must try this dish.

The Beef Slices Noodle Soup has a rich broth that was delicious. The noodles were soft.

Hot and Sour Soup was rich and very spicy. The portion was huge though. 

Store layout: Because of the dark tinted glass walls, you may not notice that this is a restaurant unless you are one of their regular customers. This restaurant has a simple table arrangement with a little stint of the 70’s flavor, you will feel as if you are back in the old days. All of a sudden, I remembered an old movie, "Back to the Future".

Address: 41-10 Main Street, Queens, NY 11355, USA
Tel: 718-539-2287
Website: NA
Overall rating: 3.5/5