Little Lamb Family Restaurant (小肥羊), New York, United States

Little Lamb Family Restaurant (小肥羊) is located at the tip of Main Street adjacent to Northern Blvd. This simple, air conditioned restaurant is always crowded. Customers would stand outside the restaurant just to wait for their queue numbers to be called.

The restaurant serves hot pot or steamboat with two kinds of soup base – spicy or non-spicy. You may have a pot of spicy or non-spicy soup base or a pot with spicy and non-spicy soup base. Hot pot is best eaten during a cold day especially during winter. The hot broth will warm your body. Even during the summer, having hot pot in an air-conditioned restaurant may be fine.

Price: Reasonably affordable. It depends on how much food you order. For the two of us, we spent around $30 per person for the whole meal.

Quality: The items were freshly prepared. We ordered a lot of greens, fish and red meat. The iced tofu though seemed to be a popular item, did not suit us. Instead, we preferred the silken tofu to iced tofu. :P The bubble tea was great – ranked number two in my bubble tea list. The condiments saucers always run out. As for the serving staff, they were always busy attending to other customers. Therefore, you may need to wait for some time before they can attend to you. We did not enjoy the entire meal. The broth was oily and the overall service was average. It was too costly to have a hot pot meal at Little Lamb Family Restaurant.

Store layout: As you enter the restaurant, a wall of fish tanks and a bar counter will greet you. There are two rows of tables and the condiments are placed at the back of the restaurant. It is rather inconvenient to walk to the back as the aisle is too narrow especially when customers and waiters are walking at the same time.

"the unforgettable store front..."

"see the food items we ordered... this is only half of the table. LOL"

Little Lamb Family Restaurant (小肥羊)   ijustwantfood Critics’ Pick  ★★★
36-35 Main Street, Queens, NY11354, United States
Atmosphere A simple interior with many seatings
Sound Bruising when crowded 
Recommended Dishes Chicken Hot Pot with medium level (spicy)
Price US$ (affordable) 
Open -
Reservations -
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