Han Ah Reum Mart @ Northern Boulevard, New York, United States

Han Ah Reum, HMart in short,  is an American supermarket chain operated by the Hanahreum Group in New Jersey. The chain specialises in providing Asian foods. "H Mart" stands for Han Ah Reum, a korean phrase meaning "One Arm Full of Groceries." There are two Han Ah Reum in Flushing, Queens. Each of them has a restaurant or shops within the supermarket. For instance, H Mart at Union Street has Namoodol Restaurant and H Mart at Northern Boulevard has unnamed Korean Restaurant. 
We ordered a take-out today at H Mart @ Northern Boulevard after a great gym workout. We ordered Bibimbap for one to share. 

"The colorful vegetables and egg made me so hungry..."
"Steamed rice, Checked!; Kim Chi, Checked!; Soup, Checked!; Hot Pepper Sauce, Checked!; Vegetables, Checked!!!" 

Price: Priced at $7, you can have a decent meal for one or two.

Quality: The whole meal was indeed value for money. With the generous portion of hot pepper sauce, the steamed rice and vegetables were so tasty. The fishcake-like soup was also delicious. As for the lettuce kim chi, it was as good. Overall, it was delicious! The crux of this meal was that it was vegetarian. There were different kinds of vegetables like lettuce, bean sprouts, etc. I think it would be great for those who go on diets. Must try!

"Lettuce Kim Chi tasted so wonderful."

"The main entrance of Han Ah Reum mart along Northern Blvd."

Store layout: The restaurant is part of Han Ah Reum Restaurant. Located in the supermarket, the restaurant is a simple set up. You have to make payment at the cashier and then hand the order to the staff located at the counter. A simple plank of wood hammered along the walls to serve as table with bar stool-like chairs.

Address: 141-40 Northern Boulevard, Queens, NY 11354, USA
Tel: 718-358-0700
Website: http://www.hmart.com/ourstore/ourstore_main.asp#ny
Overall rating: 3/5