[Closed] Arirang Restaurant, New York, United States

I spotted this Korean noodle restaurant while walking towards Main Street along Northern Blvd. This restaurant is always crowded and many a times there are people who seem to be in the waiting list.

In 2012, I returned to Flushing Queens and found that the restaurant has closed down. I was totally devastated. It was my first meal I ate when I first arrived in New York. It always brings back fond memories. However, if you know that restaurant may have moved, please send me their new address. I love to eat their noodles again.

Price: Value for money. You will have a very heavy meal – one serving of kim chi white radish and kim chi lettuce and brown rice tea with your main course.

Quality: Fragrant broth with well-cooked handmade noodles. It is served with lots of spring onion slices coupled with two types of kim chi. I love both kim chi though I prefer the lettuce kim chi to white radish kim chi.

Store layout: The restaurant gives you a homely and warm feeling. As you enter the restaurant, the warm Korean ladies at the open kitchen will greet you. At the window display, a simple green-checkered curtain adds to that warm feeling in the restaurant. All you need is to point at the menu or ask one of the ladies to assist you with your ordering. The friendly and helpful ladies will recommend you some of their popular dishes.

"I love this one ... spicy and crunchy"

"hot and spicy.. this one taste so good...."

"look at the noodles they are all not in lumps and the texture look so good"

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Address: 138-38 Northern Boulevard, Queens, NY 11354, USA
Tel: 718-661-5454
Website: NA
Overall rating: 3.5/