[Closed] AA Plaza, New York, United States

Today I decided to try the Singapore-style Vermicelli for a change. The vermicelli with carrot and cabbage strips is cooked with soy sauce. In Singapore, it is known as ‘economical noodle’ where customers can order either vermicelli or flat noodles as the main and side dishes such as drumsticks, fish balls, spring roll. 

It is not uncommon to see it everywhere in Singapore and is mainly consumed during breakfast time. The turnover is high and customers come and go. I was not aggressive enough and someone else who came later than me was served first. Well, I finally got my Singapore-style vermicelli with Fried Drumsticks and head home to prepare for dinner.

Price: Very affordable. Total price = $2.50 enough for two persons.

Quality: I cannot say much about the vermicelli. Its taste was about average. However, the drumstick is delicious. The huge portion of the vermicelli is most suitable to be shared with another person. As for the drumsticks, you better buy more!

Store layout: A simple takeout stall outside Flushing LIRR station. The staff are quite friendly. The only problem is the queue. People will jump in the queue if you are not aggressive enough. Otherwise, you can get it done within minutes. 

"This is where you find cheap food. This portion of vermicelli can be shared by two persons, priced at $1.25. It is cheap or what?!"

"The drumsticks are very well marinated. I love to buy the drumsticks from them at $1.25 for two"

Rice Noodle Roll

Overall rating: 3/5

I dropped by Flushing Library today to borrow some books. Along the way, I thought of trying the rice noodle roll at AA Plaza. I was not aggressive enough and other customers who came later were served first. Sigh~

Price: Value for money. $1.25 for a tub of rice noodle roll. It can be eaten as a meal.

Quality: The serving was generous. I had it for lunch. The texture of the rice noodle roll was a little hard but it tasted delicious together with the sweet sauce. Something you cannot fuss when the food is cheap and good. Although I was undercut by other customers, it was worth the wait.

"Remember AA Plaza. You will not miss the signage from afar."
"Chewy rice noodle roll with sweet sauce and hot sauce. Yummy."

Iced Milk Tea

Overall rating: 3.5/5

I observed that people are drinking iced milk tea during the hot summer. Though I am not an avid fan for milk tea, I want to try and understand why they love it.

Price: Cheap! $1.25 for an iced milk tea. A good thirst-quencher.
Quality: The milk tea was neither too sweet nor too thick. AA Plaza seems to have used evaporated milk instead of the sweetened condensed milk. I like it. It tasted so much like ‘Teh C’ aka tea with evaporated milk back home. However, I still prefer green tea to milk tea.

Address: AA Plaza, 40-40 Main Street (beside West-bound LIRR station)
Tel: NA
Website: NA
Overall rating: 2.5/5